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Why participating in a Comeback is important?

STAYs play a crucial role in supporting Stray Kids. Participating in an album comeback demonstrates solidarity and enthusiasm for their work, fostering a sense of connection and community among Stray Kids and STAYs. We can help Stray Kids have a significant impact on the success of each comeback through social media engagement, word-of-mouth promotion, purchasing or downloading the album, streaming on music platforms or attending concerts and fan events. We can help generate buzz and excitement surrounding the release, potentially reaching new audiences and increasing the album's visibility. Stray Kids often value feedback from STAYs, as it provides insight into how their music is received and appreciated. Another form of feedback is how well the album does on charts, music shows, and more. It's also a way for us to celebrate and show appreciation for Stray Kids' talent and dedication to their craft.


Each section includes general information about the topic along with links to specific platforms, guides, and various other resources.


Some of the information is used year-round as a STAY, not just during a comeback. Additionally, certain sections are comeback-promotion specific, such as donation drives or purchasing. These sections will be available and updated after a comeback is announced and may be unavailable during non-comeback months.

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