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STAY To-Do List

To help STAYs remain organized and informed a regularly updated to-do list can be found here.

Depending on the current happenings, you could find a variety of info; from ongoing votes or voting preparations, streaming focuses, and more.

The To-Do List is fully interactive you can click on the items to be taken directly to associating links, guides playlists and more. If viewing on Mobile you can click HERE to open it or click on the description located at the bottom titled 'STAY TO DO LIST' for a larger clearer view.

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Click on the App Title to be taken to the poll
For help with each platform click on the 'guide' to find out more
Updated frequently but may be 24 hours behind

Fanbase Projects

Besides the STAY to-do List you can find current or upcoming Fanbase Projects here.

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Stayville always needs dedicated STAYs with varying amounts of experience and/or skills to actively participate in various ways, such as temporary teams for comeback streaming or open voting teams for a specific award. Sometimes we need to recruit STAYs to participate in test groups in which they implement new research regarding streaming methods on various platforms, which allows our bases to collect the data needed to update our guides & tutorials for STAYs. Our fandom is always growing and evolving, and as such our bases and teams, must grow as well, so you may find admin recruitment information or open base recruitments where you can become a member. We even have dedicated member birthday projects or special events that will be looking for STAYs' help. So if you are looking to be more involved, hopefully you will find what you are looking for right here in Stayville Recruitment!

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Extra Resources for STAY

For those resources that don't really fit anywhere else but are extremely useful for STAYs you can find them here!

SKZot8Templates logo

For all the SKZ PC collectors out there!

SKZOT8Templates is one of our fandoms dedicated PC Template maker and has compiled years of templates all into an easy to navigate Carrd.

Please make sure you give them credit when using their templates.

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