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The site was originally created by the original admin of iSTAY Informed before Oddinary era using as the web address & using Carrd as the hosting site. As Maxident era approached the name changed to but there were some difficulties changing the domain name again & a few weeks before release the site was not working properly. SKZ Polls offered a solution and purchased a permanent domain & with input from STAY Voting Zone the new permanent web address was decided on and was permanently established.


The original admin of iSTAY Informed maintained the site with a little bit of help from SKZ Polls but essentially the site and its purpose was the vision of that original main admin. It helped many STAYS during Maxident and since the domain had been paid for till 2025 there was talk about expanding to a different host after Maxident because the amount of traffic had begun to cause problems.


After comeback STAYs went right into 2022 MAMA Voting and from there the site was waiting but life got in the way and just before the anticipation of Stray Kids comeback announcement in Feb/March of 2023 there was trouble reaching all involved parties.


Not wanting to let STAYs down and while waiting to hear back from everyone; a STAY reached out to a few others and began researching and creating a new site that would be a permanent fixture for all future comebacks. Thankfully all members from SKZ Polls, iSTAY Informed & STAY Voting Zone eventually were in contact and everyone agreed to continue with the plan of moving the site to a host and expanding the resources available on it making it a central hub for information; ensuring the site was available even if some STAYs who were originally involved weren't.


The site and it's future was left in the capable hands of a new team and with the help of some teams and bases around Stayville the race began to quickly get the basics established. After some technical difficulties, just hours before Stray Kids released their 5 STAR teaser on April 28th the site was finally Live with just a few guides and lots of dreams!


The team never intended to be a fanbase, the social media accounts were established so we could inform STAYs about site updates and to stay connected to the flow of information but we quickly realized that while we didn't consider ourselves a fanbase STAYs did and with their continued support we have slowly moved forward developing guidelines on how we as a fanbase will conduct ourselves and what responsibilities we adhere to as a team. Since then the team has worked diligently establishing a presence in Stayville making sure that we are known for our willingness to always help any STAY, spread information, support fanbase projects, and so much more. 

We are STAYs who work with the following mission statement in mind.

"Stray Kids Comeback Guide's Website and it's SNS Accounts will provide trusted resources for STAY with unbiased professionalism, keeping positive and allowing the site and its SNS accounts to be a safe place for STAY to ask questions and get information, putting the integrity of the site and it’s purpose above all else, for the good of Stayville and the success of Stray Kids."

We want to give STAY on all platforms access to guides, tutorials, schedules, streaming parties etc without having to travel from one SNS platform to another, making STAYs uncomfortable leaving the comfort of their chosen platforms sometimes feeling lost in unfamiliar waters. Many times we see STAY say they didn't even know something important was happening, we hope that over time STAYs looking for information will find us and have the chance to get more involved so that together STAYs on all platforms can work towards making all of Stray Kids dreams come true and give back to the group that has given so much to STAY!


Stray Kids are the reason we are all here and with that in mind we hope that STAY everywhere all around the world utilize the resources provided, stay with us as we grow because we have a lot of things planned to help as much as we can, and we promise to always leave lines of communication open and to always work hard for STAY & Stray Kids.

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