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Stayville Fanbase Directory

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Global Bases includes Voting & Streaming Bases & a list of Translation accounts.

Member focus Bases listed by member

Country Specific Bases

What is a fanbase?

A fanbase refers to a group of dedicated fans who share a common interest or admiration for a particular person, group, brand, or entity. These fans typically come together through various channels on social media platforms, fan forums, fan clubs, or in-person gatherings to celebrate and support their shared interest.

Stayville has many Bases, Teams and Accounts dedicated to all the various areas of being a STAY and for Stray Kids. We have compiled the active ones into a directory for STAY. You can find all global bases, voting and streaming bases, country specific bases and dedicated member accounts all on this list. 

If you are an admin of a Stray Kids-focused fanbase, account or team and would like to be added or if you are already listed and need to have your information updated or would like to be removed, please contact the SKZ CB Guide Site Team & we will be happy to accommodate all requests.

What is the Fanbase Union?

The STAY UNITED SKZ FANBASES, also known as the SKZ Fanbase Union, is a collective of active Stray Kids fanbases dedicated to supporting and promoting Stray Kids. These fanbases typically operate on social media platforms, primarily on Twitter, but most have accounts on all social media platforms. The SKZ Fanbases often collaborate on fandom initiatives such as streaming parties to boost the group's music video views or Spotify streams, coordinate comebacks and funding efforts, hashtags for Stray Kids, and more.

Essentially, the bases within the Union work together to coordinate and organize events and projects, as well as providing a unified effort to spread information in support of Stray Kids. The Union is a worldwide supportive community of OT8 bases, which includes our largest and oldest bases, focused bases for various sections of Stayville like voting and streaming. It also includes members' dedicated bases and many of our fandom's country-specific bases. All bases have shown their dedication to Stray Kids and STAYs through their professionalism, hard work, and impact within the fandom.

It's also a support system for fanbases, a way for the bases to connect with each other, share their enthusiasm for Stray Kids, and easily find support or help when needed. Being a part of the SKZ Union allows individual fanbases to run their teams according to their own guidelines while also collaborating with other bases by pooling their experiences, knowledge, resources, and efforts to reach a wider audience and amplify the impact STAYs have on Stray Kids' success. 

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