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Message from Our Team:

Retailers and purchase links are added as they become available during preorder periods before a comeback. If a retailer offers pre-order or store benefits when purchasing we will do our best to include the information.

Please be aware that some retailers wait to see initial demand before releasing benefit information and some retailers announce availability sporadically, always check the retailers site for immediate updated information as we update a plethora information and may be slightly delayed in our site updates.


These are for purchases specifically to count towards Billboard 200 & Billboard HOT 100, only USA & PR STAYs purchases will count as orders must adhere to specific guidelines as well as be shipped to a USA or PR address.

For more info please read through our purchasing guidelines for Billboard.

Circle Chart & Hanteo Chart Retailers (KR)

Retailers & links listed in this section count towards one or both Korean Charts.


To see exactly which retailers are approved by which chart specifically, visit our Charts Section for more information.

Oricon (JP)

These are for purchases specifically to count towards Oricon which is Japan's primary music chart platform and indicator of popularity and success in Japan.

Worldwide Purchasing Links

Many countries largest retailers now offer pre-ordering albums some with benefits. We can expect as Stray Kids continue gaining global success we will see more, you will be able to find those links in this section. We will be sure to provide the country for each retailer to help global STAYs find retailers near them.

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