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Empowering STAYPart 5

Arm Yourselves, Help Empower STAYs Everywhere!

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Navigating Socials — Stayville Tips



  • A fanbase is an online community run by dedicated fans of a specific group or artist. They serve a variety of functions, from supporting promotional efforts to coordinating fan activities. 

  • Fanbases can often be broken down by their social platform, location, and/or whether they are focused on all 8 or individual members. Some are also dedicated to supporting other STAYs.

  • While many fanbases run throughout the year, some operate periodically, such as those dedicated to comeback activities (voting, streaming, and donation/purchasing activities).

  • For more information and links to specific fanbases, check out the Stray Kids Comeback Guide Fanbase Directory.

  • If you are interested in joining a fanbase, recruitment notices typically can be found on social media.


Unleash your creativity

  • Social media is a great space to show off your creativity if you enjoy crafts,  sketching, painting, covering songs, creating videos, or more.

  • Don’t be afraid to branch out: Cross-post your work to different social media apps (and don’t forget your hashtags).

  • Apps to get you started, with free and premium options:

    • CapCut (see the Empowering STAY section for more)

    • Canva — a multi-use design tool for creating graphics and videos

    • Picsart — a multi-use platform for editing photos and videos

    • Procreate — an illustration and animation app for iPad and iPhone users

    • MediBang Paint — an illustration app

  • Remember: it’s never too late to find your creative side. So many of us entered Stayville without experience in creating. Plus, the more you create (and potentially use official SKZ songs as audio), the more users you can reach, both STAY and non-STAY alike!


Fostering an inclusive environment

  • Stray kids everywhere all around the world, you make Stray Kids STAY.

    • More than just a slogan, this phrase is a reminder that the connection between Stray Kids and STAY is global. 

    • Through social media, we are able to log in and connect with STAYs all over the world. Our diversity goes beyond location: We differ in so much, from race, culture, religion, gender, and sexuality, to biases and music taste.

  • Creating a safe and positive community environment goes beyond tolerance; there is a role for all of us in prioritizing inclusivity. Here are some basics to keep in mind, but know that this list is far from comprehensive:

    • You don’t have to agree to treat each other with respect; you just have to understand that we all have different life experiences that influence our beliefs, perceptions, and behaviors.

    • Stereotypes and assumptions are lazy, boring, and deny individuality. 

    • Humility and curiosity are best. Be open to being wrong, owning it, and learning from others.

    • Stop expecting perfection from yourself and everyone else. Mistakes don’t make us bad; they just make us human.


Shaping your Stayville experience

Social media algorithms are meant to keep you engaged and expose you to new experiences. That’s how many of us wound up finding and joining Stayville. But sometimes, those experiences are fleeting or unwelcome. 


Here are some ways you can get organized, tweak the algorithm, and protect your space:

  • Get organized

    • If you come across something that you would like to return to or remember later, many social media apps offer a way to archive those posts.

      • On X, free users have the option to bookmark a tweet by clicking the bookmark icon. Premium users have the option to organize them into folders.

      • TikTok and Instagram users are able to bookmark posts and separate them into collections. Instagram also allows users to share a collaborative collection.

  • Adjust the algorithm

    • As covered previously, social media algorithms use your engagement actions to gauge your interests for future recommendations. While generally useful, there are times when it may send you something you aren’t interested in seeing. Here is how you can manually inform the algorithm of your likes and dislikes:

      • X

        • Click the 3 dots at the top of a post or ad in your timeline and select:

          • “Not interested in this post” to see less of that content.

          • “Report post” if you believe it violates X’s rules.

        • In Privacy and Safety in Settings, go to:

          • “Content you see” to select/de-select topics or interests to appear on your timeline.

          • “Mute and block” to see accounts you have muted/blocked, or add/edit muted terms.

      • Instagram

        • Click the 3 dots at the top of a post to:

          • Bookmark

          • Add a post to your favorites

          • Hide a post

          • Report a post you believe violates Instagram community guidelines.

        • Select the 3 horizontal lines at the top of your profiles to go to Settings and select:

          • “What you see”

            • Favorite accounts — Accounts you have chosen to be your favorites will have higher placement on your feed.

            • Content preferences — Select words or phrases that you would like hidden, or filter sensitive or political content from accounts you don’t follow.

          • “How others interact with you”

            • Put restrictions or limits on how much selected accounts can interact with you and which notifications you’ll receive from their interactions.

      • TikTok

        • Click the left arrow at the bottom of a TikTok to:

          • Mark a video with “not interested.”

          • Report a TikTok you believe violates the community guidelines.

        • Click the 3 horizontal lines at the top of your profile to see your Settings.

  • Block another user

    • In a competitive entertainment field like K-pop, trolling for engagement and fandom wars are a fact. There are specific posts that are designed to be upsetting or draw a reaction. We recommend blocking those users (and reporting the post/account if they violate community guidelines) instead of giving them engagement.

    • Hard blocks are used to stop another user from seeing your activity or contacting you. Hard blocks also hide content from the blocked user, giving you the option if you want to view it or not.

    • Soft blocks on X are temporary blocks that remove a user from your followers list without them knowing and without completely blocking them. 


Get Involved

  • If you have time, don’t limit yourself to one social media platform. Focusing on just one platform can give you a skewed and narrow view of the fandom, since some social media algorithms encourage echo chamber thinking. Instead, get out of your comfort zone! Explore Facebook groups, Reddit subreddits, Instagram and TikTok feeds, and YouTube Shorts! With such a global inclusion, STAYdom is vast, unique, diverse, and beautifully its own.

  • Share links! If you are posting or discussing media that isn’t yours, the best practice is to post a comment with a link to the original material. This is especially important during branding opportunities for the members.

  • Create and share playlists with other STAYs.

  • Don’t forget to comment, like, and follow/subscribe to other STAYs.

Comeback Orientation

Welcome to orientation!

Comeback time can be both exciting and stressful for veteran and baby STAYs. We’ve pulled together some tips, tricks, and resources to help us all have a fun and successful Stray Kids comeback!


Task Management

To-do lists are frequently recommended by STAYs as a way to get organized and keep track of goals. Here are our recommendations:


To-Do List Tools:


Suggested To-Do List Activities

  • Participate in and promote to other STAYs all initiatives being promoted by our fanbases

  • Streaming + specific streaming goals

  • Korean streaming team formations

  • Donations for streaming/album/digital purchases

  • Voting collections for Korean music shows

  • Voting for awards or music shows

  • Focus M/V streaming goals

  • Engage and help promote SKZ content

Google Keep Voting Collections To-Do List Example:

Credit: @pourlevenom on X

Credit: @van_ville8 on X

Device and Account Management 


It is recommended to use multiple devices and IPs for streaming if those options are available to you. Options include desktops, laptops, phones, tablets, and smart TVs.


Account creation Tip: Creating a Google Voice number is very helpful in account creation for websites like iTunes or Gmail that link your account to your telephone number and restrict you based on that. A way to get around that is to create a Google Voice number to give yourself another phone number to work with!


Ideas for inexpensive ways to increase your devices:

  • Borrow old phones from friends/family. Many people put their old devices in storage when they upgrade and will often give/share them for a project. Just ask!

  • TracFones — Inexpensive prepaid Android phones you can buy in almost any box store, Amazon, etc. They can run on Wi-Fi and are great for streaming and voting purposes. Prices vary, but you can often find them on sale in-person for around $25. 


PC streaming:

  • PCs can be used to stream up to 3 accounts (on the same IP). It is recommended that different browsers be used instead of profiles. Commonly used browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Brave, Edge, and Opera.


Getting organized: 

  • Spreadsheets are a useful organizational tool when you are managing multiple accounts and devices.

  • If you are using more than one phone, use stickers on the back of your phones to label them, and use different colors on your spreadsheets to coordinate with your phones.


Example of Streaming Account Management Tracking:

Credit: @OutreachRacha

How to manage multiple streaming accounts:

  • Stationhead: Park your accounts on our STAY Stationhead. Learn what Stationhead is and WHY and HOW to use it here

  • Playlists: Playlists are another great way to passively stream, especially overnight. Learn about proper playlist formats here

  • Alarms: Set alarm reminders to ensure your Stationhead account(s) or PL(s) have not disconnected and are still streaming. Do this a few times a day if possible.

  • Headphones: Headphones are a useful way to deal with sound. You can also turn down the volume for your device, but do not turn down the volume via the streaming site/app.

  • Samsung & Sound Assistant: If you have a Samsung phone, Sound Assistant allows you to use the audio on multiple apps at same time. Additionally,  you have individual app volume options, so you can adjust the volume of every app running.

    • Example: You can stream on Spotify & watch a YouTube video at the same time by turning down the Spotify volume and raising the YouTube volume.



  • Collection tracker for voting apps (Google Sheet)

    • Your account tracker is for you. Update it at a frequency that works for you.

  • Refer to resources published by our fanbases to guide you on where and how much to collect

    • Example:

  • Consider printing it out and hanging it in a useful space as a reminder.

  • Set a minimum that is comfortable for you. You don’t have to do it all. Maybe you only do attendance collections on some apps. Or run ads. Or do quizzes. Maybe you solely focus on one app and, if you have more time some days, collect more then. It’s all up to you and what you feel comfortable doing.

  • Set alarm reminders about doing collections if doing so helps. 

  • Include voting goals in your to-do list.

  • If you use multiple devices for voting, stickers are an easy way to label your devices.

Device label example



Sharing proofs of the ways you are helping SKZ helps motivate other STAYs and can be used to apply for voting/streaming teams or fanbases. Share your progress and proofs on your feed to encourage moots. It helps to know you are working collectively rather than in isolation. Don’t forget to always put a watermark on your proofs before you share them online so they can’t be stolen and used by other people. Some accounts do so to infiltrate other fandoms’ bases.




Credit: @enyacorn on X

  • Linktree — Use Linktree to share important links for comeback with other STAYs. You can house them all in one place for easy access.




If you have time but few funds, here are some ways you can help SKZ have a successful comeback:

  • Stream! 

    • Free Services — All streaming services except Apple Music and Tidal have free services available. Running playlists on music streaming platforms and/or YouTube is extremely helpful.

    • Free Trials — Free trials are often available for premium streaming services. Here’s a thread of free trial offers

    • Join a K-Streaming Team — Streaming teams are always looking for help and sponsor accounts and/or streaming passes. Apply for one of the teams here

    • Find a Sponsor — Look for Spotify streaming teams that sponsor premium Spotify accounts for the comeback season. You will have access to a free account for about a month to help stream for SKZ. Also, be on the lookout for STAY moots sponsoring accounts for comeback (but be sure to vet them beforehand!).

  • Engage! with all Stray Kids-related content across each social media platform. It’s important to show SKZ support on all their original content. Plus, help share it around so other STAYs see it. Try to make it a habit to always like, share, and comment.

  • Guerilla Marketing! Print QR Codes to SKZ songs, music videos, or playlists and leave them in your community for others to find. If you have duplicate and extra PCs you don’t need, consider sticking the QR code with it and leaving them in public spaces for people to take as freebies!

  • Contact Radio Stations! Increased exposure through radio play is vital for SKZ. STAYs (both US/PR and abroad) can interact and submit requests to stations on their social media accounts, send email requests, make calls/text, and submit song alerts. Radio request alerts can be found at:

  • Help Educate Baby STAYs! Every day, we have new STAYs entering Stayville, and it can be overwhelming for them. Help by being a safe space for baby STAYs to ask questions and share information online so they can learn as they go. 

  • Help Reach New STAYs! Stayville X is one of the main organizing grounds for fandom work that helps SKZ, but the majority of STAYs spend their time on other social platforms. It is important for STAYs to spend dedicated time outside of X talking to other STAYs, sharing information, and building up our presence.

    • Consider joining OutreachRacha! OutreachRacha is a vibrant collective of STAYs fostering outreach across social media realms through engaging projects. Apply to join here!

  • Collect on Voting Apps! Collecting on voting apps used for Korean music shows is important leading up to a comeback. Those collections help optimize how much you can vote during comeback when SKZ competes on these shows. 

  • Spread Positivity! Negativity is abundant in online spaces, and studies have shown that people often interact more with negative content than positive. Help your STAY moots stay positive. Encourage them and help them focus on the things that matter. Don’t screenshot or quote or reply to negative posts or comments; doing so only pushes the algorithm to give you and your moots more of it. Instead, engage with positive accounts and posts. Be the change you want to see! 

  • Make Edits! Instagram and TikTok are Stray Kids’ biggest and fastest-growing socials. STAYs on these platforms respond to different types of media than is common on other platforms. It’s important to make edits (using SKZ’s official audios) to help share information on these platforms. Additionally, create unique content (using SKZ’s official audios) that can reach other audiences in these apps. We are always seeking new exposure for SKZ. Plus, creating content using their songs can help with getting songs to go viral or trending, especially right after new releases.

  • Help with Tags and Trending! We have regular events that need help with tagging and trending on Twitter. (Find out more about hashtags and trending from Part 4 of the Empowering STAYs Project)

  • Join Song Download Projects! Most of our Korean streaming teams also run song download projects to help increase our digital points for Korean music shows and awards. These teams fundraise to support these purchases. Additionally, look for iTunes projects across all regions. Some fanbases will provide financial support for the purchases.

  • Recommend SKZ to Reactors! YouTube reactors are one way we can reach new audiences for SKZ. Encourage reactors to check them out so their followers can be introduced to new music. 

  • Do Covers of SKZ Songs or Make SKZ Fan Art! Another great way to introduce SKZ to new audiences is to create music covers, art, and other media that might reach people with interests outside of K-pop. 

  • Have FUN! The most important part, honestly. 




If you have funds but limited time, here are some ways you can help SKZ have a successful comeback:

  • Donate! Our Korean streaming teams and fanbases consistently fundraise before comeback starts to fund Korean streaming passes and digital downloads on Korean streaming platforms, or album/digital song purchases for US/PR STAYs to help with Billboard charting. Other fanbases may also collect donations for iTunes purchases or accept album donations for STAYs who can’t afford albums.

  • Run Playlists! Put on playlists to stream and then work on all the other things that need your attention. You can start these before leaving your house for the day!

  • Park on Stationhead! Park your premium Spotify and/or Apple Music account(s) on our STAY Stationhead and let our STAY DJs stream for you! 

  • Daily Attendance! You can still collect for comeback voting just by doing attendance check-ins on specific apps … and it only takes a few minutes.

  • Purchase Albums! You can purchase extra albums to do giveaways for STAYs who have limited funds. Additionally, you can sponsor albums for projects held by our fanbases.

  • Retweet, Share, Like! If you have a few minutes and find yourself on social media, take a second to reshare, like, and/or comment on all important SKZ content you run across.

  • Have FUN! The most important part, honestly. 



  • Retweet, Share, Like! If you have a few minutes and find yourself on social media, take a second to reshare, like, and/or comment on all important SKZ content you run across.

  • Park on Stationhead! Park your premium Spotify and/or Apple Music account(s) on our STAY Stationhead and let our STAY DJs stream for you! 

  • Run Playlists! Put on playlists to stream and then work on all the other things that need your attention. You can start these before leaving your house for the day!

  • Spread Positivity! Negativity is abundant in online spaces, and studies have shown that people often interact more with negative content than positive. Help your STAY moots stay positive. Encourage them and help them focus on the things that matter. Don’t screenshot or quote or reply to negative posts or comments; doing so only pushes the algorithm to give you and your moots more of it. Instead, engage with positive accounts and posts. Be the change you want to see! 

  • Daily Attendance! You can still collect for comeback voting just by doing attendance check-ins on specific apps … and it only takes a few minutes.

  • Have FUN! The most important part, honestly.  


Managing Music: A Guide for Efficient and Effective Streaming


Streaming music is incredibly easy and does not require a significant time commitment. Despite some misconceptions, incorporating streaming into your daily routine can be as simple as checking your streaming accounts once or twice a day or queuing playlists.


Streaming music doesn't have to be a daunting task. By utilizing the tips and tools listed below, you can streamline your streaming efforts, track your stats, and support your Stray Kids more efficiently. Remember, some streams are better than no streams because every stream counts!


General Tips

  • Affordable Headphones: You can find inexpensive headphones at dollar stores or places like Five Below. Broken headphones can also be repurposed to keep the sound from your streaming devices silent. 


  • Casting to TVs: Utilize tools like Chromecasts or Firesticks to cast music videos (MVs) or streaming services to your TV. This can free up your devices and reduce noise.


  • Chaining Free Trials: Keep track of free trials for music services. Organize your accounts to take advantage of new trials for future releases. Use a calendar or device reminders to avoid charges after the trial period ends. A Google spreadsheet can help track which emails have been used for free trials.


  • Sharing Free Trial Information: Share information about free trials on social media to encourage more people to participate in streaming.


Tracking Stats with Last FM


Benefits of Last FM:

  • Tracks stats from Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Tidal, and SoundCloud.

  • Useful for ensuring everything is tracking correctly with your playlists.

  • Helps build a history of your support for artists over time.

  • Offers realtime and weekly charts, global and regional popularity stats, and today’s most loved songs.


Last FM Tutorial


Playlists Tools & Tips

Duplicating & Privating Playlists


  •  Helps with user engagement and shows algorithmic impact.

  •  Protects against playlist or user reports by having multiple backups available.

Queuing Playlists

Manual Streaming Tips:

  •  Queueing playlists is an efficient way to manage your streaming.

  •  Interact occasionally when manually streaming to ensure activity.


Converting Playlists


  • Soundiiz: Another option for converting playlists, especially useful for platforms like iHeartRadio.

Sharing Song Links Across Platforms


  •  Directly impacts viral charts.

  •  Indirectly brings new listeners to the music.

Using Sound Assistant Plus Multitask Method

Samsung & Sound Assistant:

  • Allows audio on multiple apps simultaneously.

  • Provides individual app volume options, enabling you to stream on Spotify and watch YouTube videos simultaneously.



SKZ DW Background.png


For more self-care resources, check out the OutreachRacha Carrd


The following sections are based on personal experience and should not be considered as professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. What works best for one person may not work for you. Always seek the guidance of a health care professional. We are not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of any suggestions, exercises, or practices described.


Selfcare refers to the practice of taking deliberate actions to maintain and improve one's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. It involves recognizing one's needs and taking steps to meet them, thereby ensuring overall health and balance.


Examples of SelfCare:


1. Physical SelfCare:

  •     Exercise: Engaging in regular physical activities like walking, yoga, or swimming.

  •     Nutrition: Eating a balanced diet with a variety of nutritious foods.

  •     Sleep: Ensuring adequate and quality sleep every night.

  •     Hygiene: Maintaining personal cleanliness and grooming.

  •     Medical Care: Attending regular checkups and following medical advice.


2. Emotional SelfCare:

  •     Journaling: Writing down thoughts and feelings to process emotions.

  •     Therapy: Seeking professional counseling or therapy.

  •     Relaxation Techniques: Practicing mindfulness, meditation, or deep breathing exercises.

  •     Healthy Boundaries: Saying no when necessary and not overcommitting.


3. Mental SelfCare:

  •     Learning: Engaging in activities that stimulate the mind, such as reading or puzzles.

  •     Hobbies: Spending time on activities that bring joy and relaxation, like painting or gardening.

  •     Time Management: Organizing tasks to reduce stress and improve productivity.

  •     Digital Detox: Taking breaks from screens and social media.


4. Social SelfCare:

  •     Connection: Spending quality time with loved ones and friends.

  •     Support Systems: Building a network of supportive people.

  •     Community Involvement: Participating in community events or volunteering.


5. Spiritual SelfCare:

  •     Meditation and Prayer: Engaging in practices that connect you to your spirituality.

  •     Nature: Spending time outdoors to feel connected to the natural world.

  •     Reflection: Taking time to reflect on personal values and beliefs.

  •     Gratitude: Practicing gratitude by acknowledging and appreciating the positive aspects of life.


Implementation Tips


  •  Regular Practice: Incorporate selfcare routines into your daily schedule.

  •  Personalization: Tailor selfcare activities to your personal preferences and needs.

  •  Balance: Ensure a mix of different types of selfcare to maintain overall wellbeing.

  •  Flexibility: Be open to adjusting your selfcare practices as your needs and circumstances change.


Relaxation Techniques

When confronted with anxiety, a person’s body goes through several changes and enters a special state called Fight or Flight. Using some of the below techniques and skills, you can end this special state before the symptoms become too extreme. It does take practice to work effectively.


Deep Breathing

During fight or flight, breathing becomes rapid. Deep breathing reverses that and sends messages to the brain to begin calming the body.

  • Breathe in slowly and count in your head to make sure it lasts 5 seconds. Pay attention to the air filling your lungs. 

  • Hold your breath for 5-10 seconds.

  • Breathe out very slowly for 5-10 seconds (count!!).

  • Repeat until you feel calm.



Think about some of your favorite places. If you think about the place hard enough, you may begin to have feelings you associate with that location. Our brain has the ability to create emotional reactions based entirely off our thoughts.

  • Make sure you're somewhere quiet without too much noise or distraction.

  • Think of a place that's calming for you. Examples are the beach, hiking on a mountain, relaxing at home.

  • Paint a picture of a calming place in your mind. Don't just think about it briefly; really imagine all the details (sight, sounds, touch, taste, smell). 


Progressive Muscle Relaxation

During fight or flight, the tension in our muscles increases. This technique teaches us to become more aware of the tension so we can better identify and address the stress. 

  • Tense the muscles in your toes by curling them into your foot. Notice how it feels when your foot is tense. Hold the tension for 5 seconds. 

  • Release the tension from your toes and let them relax. Notice how your toes feel differently. 

  • Tense the muscles all throughout your calf. Hold it for 5 seconds. Notice how the feeling of tension in your leg feels. 

  • Release the tension in your calf and notice how the feeling of relaxation differs. 

  • Continue this pattern of tension and releasing the tension all the way up to your head. 

Distraction Techniques


Below are some distraction techniques you can do before the anxiety or stress gets too overwhelming.


  • Sing

  • Watch short videos on YouTube

  • Mindless doodles/finger painting/playing with clay

  • Grab a healthy snack

  • Drum on a surface

  • Discover new music

  • Wash your face/hands or brush your teeth

  • Make a gratitude list

  • Card games

  • Try to laugh without smiling (SKZWHO’s note: Trust me, this is something you need in your life.)

  • Fidget toys

  • Count by 7’s

  • Apply lotion

  • Read a book

  • Sit outside and pay attention to nature


Grounding Techniques

Grounding techniques help you stay “grounded” and not spiral. They control symptoms of anxiety, flashbacks, and other uncomfortable symptoms by turning attention away from thoughts, memories, or worries and refocusing your attention to the present moment. 

Popular Grounding Techniques:

  • 5-4-3-2-1 Technique

  • Categories

  • Body Awareness

  • Mental Exercises

5-4-3-2-1 Technique


👀 Name 5 things you can see. Look for small details such as the pattern on a ceiling or the way light reflects off a surface.

🤚 Name 4 things you can feel. Notice how your clothes feel on your body or how the sun feels on your skin.

👂 Name 3 things you can hear. Pay special attention to the sounds you usually tune out such as a clock ticking or tree leaves blowing in the wind.

👃Name 2 things you can smell. Try to find smells in the air around you like freshly mowed grass or look for something like a candle or flower. 

👄 Name one thing you can taste.  Carry gum or candy. Pop one in your mouth and pay close attention to how it tastes. 



Choose at least three categories and name as many as you can in each one. Spend a few minutes in each category and really focus on how many you can name. Up the difficulty by trying it in alphabetical order.


Example categories

🎥   ⚽   🇺🇲   📚   🥞   🐈‍⬛   📺   🥀   🎤

Body Awareness


This technique brings you to the here and now by changing your focus to the sensations in your body. Pay attention to the sensations created by each step.

  1. Take 5 long breathes through your 👃and exhale through your puckered 💋.

  2. Place both 🐾 flat on the floor. Wiggle your toes. Curl and uncurl your toes several times. Spend a moment noticing the sensations in your 🐾.

  3. Stomp your 🐾 on the ground several times. Spend a moment noticing the sensations in your 🐾 and 🦵 on the ground.

  4. Clinch your 🙌 into fists, then release the tension. Repeat this 10x.

  5. Press your palms together. Press them harder and hold this pose for 15 seconds. Spend a moment noticing the sensations in your 🙌 and 🦾.

  6. Rub your palms together briskly. Notice the sound and the feeling of 🔥.

  7. Reach your 🙌 over your 🤕 like you are trying to reach the 🌤️. Stretch like this for 5 seconds. Bring your 🦾 down and let them relax at your sides.

  8. Take 5 more deep breaths through your 👃and notice the calm in your body.


Mental Exercises

Use mental exercises to take your mind off uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. They are discreet and easy to use at nearly any time or place. Experiment to see which works for you. 

  • Name all the objects you can 👁️. 

  • Describe the steps in performing an activity you know how to do well. For example, how to shoot a 🏀. 

  • Count backwards from 💯 by 5’s.

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