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Financial Transparency


For the 1st year all the financial responsibilities for the site, add-ons, subscriptions, and various extras like shipping for give away prizes, etc has been carried by a private party who was generous enough to help, but our team is growing and so are the expenses and while members are budget conscious we also want to ensure that the burden is not on just one person anymore.


We have discussed it many times and have finally agreed to allow the team to accept donations to help with the costs but only if it was all done through a single PayPal account that we were able to safely share screenshots of all donations and transactions from the regularly in order to provide full financial transparency.  The team is adamant that if STAYs donate they can see where their donations are going and find confidence in our insistence in sharing the information.

The PayPal account has been set up and every transaction for the team since the site move is available and every month our Team Leader will update the sheets that will always appear in this section of the site along with links to transaction proofs and invoices.


We do not plan on sharing the budget or expenses from the last year before the site move, as we never took a donation during that time so we felt there was no need to but if any STAY would like that information just send us a message and we are happy to gather it and provide it.

We do not plan to keep a large reserve in the account if STAYs choose to help. We only plan on keeping up to 2 months of funds needed to pay the monthly expenses as a safety net, if STAYs choose to donate; anything over that will be donated to fanbases during Comeback Preparations to help with purchasing on Billboard and K-Streaming Teams.

If anyone has any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Direct Link to the Report & Drive Folder with Proofs
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